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PDFs are a household name today, thanks to their varied usage. Starting from office documents to forms, PDFs play an important role in everyone’s life. The go-to application to read and edit PDF files, Adobe Acrobat reader is a common name but it also has its drawbacks. That’s where WonderShare PDFelement comes in.

First of all, WonderShare PDFelement is cheap. At $69.95 for the basic version, you are getting a fully featured PDF editing suite at your fingertips. It can edit, annotate, add, delete and convert PDF to other formats and vice-versa. For the price you are paying, you sure are getting a lot. And if you want to get a bit more pro, there’s always the Professional edition at $89.95, and it also comes with OCR. Cool huh?

The features are easy to use, with an UI that doesn’t take much time to get used to. The best part is that, while there are literally hundreds of free PDF software on the internet that can get the job done, they can just ‘only’ do the job. Nothing more. No editing, converting and compressing features. PDFelement does all that and more at such a cheap price, that is really hard to believe.

The UI is certainly easy to use.

As a total, WonderShare PDFelement is all praises from me. I need to use PDFs daily for various purposes, and PDFelement just feels the welcome replacement for Adobe Acrobat, which is costlier by a huge margin. WonderShare PDFelement is available on all platforms, iOS, Android and Windows, so you don’t have to worry. Though the software may be good, there are still some drawbacks,

  • There is no document creation option. This is just a huge pain for me, and I need to depend on other software.
  • Just for OCR, you need to pay $20 more, which feels kind off foolish.
  • There are complaints that the installation makes the booting and overall performance of a Windows PC slow.

To conclude, I’d like to say that despite its one major flaw, WonderShare PDFelement still manages to win hearts. With its pro set of editing tools at such a competitive price, a little more polish and PDFelement will give Adobe a run for its money.

Check out WonderShare PDFelement here.