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Facebook has grabbed yet another update in the Windows 10 Store. The update is only available for PC and tablets now, so mobile users are left out.

The update is just a couple of bug fixes and improvements from what we can spot. The version number is now at 81.781.42211.0 and that’s a little jump from the last one. Bug fixes are always welcome, but the mobile app needs them more than the PC app.

The mobile version of the Facebook app is immensely slow, plagued by bugs and random crashes. Not to mention it is super slow on phones with less than 2GB of RAM. Also it causes phones to reboot, live videos don’t work and the messenger app still lacks calling features. Need we say more?

Facebook promised to make sure that the feature parity is maintained on all platforms, but seems to have forgot about Windows Phone though. Fortunately opening Facebook on Edge mitigates most of the problems. Whatever may be the reason, grab the update for Facebook for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets from here,

Facebook for Windows 10

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