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Microsoft today announced that it is planning to retire its Skype Wifi App from March 31st 2017. The Skype Team confirmed that the Skype Wifi App will be discontinued globally for the team to focus on Skype and its core features.

If the users have the Skype Wifi application installed currently the same will not be working after March 31st meaning it will not be able to search and use Hotspots. However the company confirms that if any user is having the Skype Credit purchased for Skype Wifi, then the same can be used for other Skype features like Calling Mobiles or Landline with discounted rates.

Any of our readers using the Skype Wifi will not be able to do so from March 31st, but Microsoft currently has a Microsoft Wifi app for users on Windows 10 which is available on PCs and Tablets, which works on similar lines to Skype Wifi and you need to sign in once with your Microsoft Account.