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Skype team has released a new update for its Skype Desktop app for Windows. The update has pushed the app to new version 7.33. The update comes with some major additions to the Desktop app for  Windows. Below is the Changelog:


  • When sending an image in SMS mode, a message is displayed stating that only text will be forwarded.
  • Screen sharing of video now has audio enabled. Once the call is up and running, click the plus and select Share system sound.

A special feature of Skype are screen transmissions, which makes the display screen visible to all participants in the call. This feature has been enhanced to allow the optional transfer of the PC sound. To do this, you must start a screen transfer in the call and click on the + button. You can find the option to split system sound . This is definitely a useful addition.

The update for the Desktop app is still rolling out and if you haven’t yet seen the update, the same should be available to you very soon. Make sure to check the version of the App you  are currently using by clicking on Help in the top menu bar and then click on About Skype .