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Samsung seems to have taken their Windows 10 ventures a few more steps ahead as more details of the upcoming devices leak.

MSPU has gotten hands on an app on the Windows Store which reveals more about the upcoming Windows 10 tablet from Samsung. The app reveals that the tablet will have the S Pen capabilities. For users who are unaware of what an S Pen is, it is basically a touch pen made by Samsung for its Note devices having a set of nice features.

From the description of the app,

S Note is a note taking application which allows you to efficiently create, edit and manage notes. It provides a number of user-friendly features that differentiates it from other note taking applications. This includes easy file management with the ability to create categories and copy, move or delete files from within the application. It also supports interactive multimedia functions and allows you to draw and write using S Pen.

It will be interesting to see how the market receives Samsung’s Windows 10 devices, when it gets revealed at the MWC. But judging from the excitement all over the internet and the Samsung + Windows 10 fan base, we can safely assume that the device will be an insta-hit provided the specs and price are rightly married.

You can check out the S Note app here.

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