reliance jio 4g in 3g windows phone
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Reliance Jio 4G in 3G Windows Phone? Sounds like a joke, right? But we aren’t kidding. You can use Reliance Jio in 3G Lumia phones. You may need to spend extra money and buy a new product from Reliance. First of all, you need visit a Reliance Digital Store and purchase a Jio SIM. Or you can also use Reliance Jio’s doorstep delivery.

Without wasting your time, we will tell how to use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G Windows Phone. If you own a Windows Phone which support 4G connections, you need to follow this guide.

Steps to use Reliance Jio 4G in 3G Windows Phone and Lumia phone

  1. Make sure you own a Jio connection.
  2. You need to purchase Jio Wifi router, the price is Rs. 2899.
  3. Now you need to note down the SSID and Password.
  4. Insert the SIM card and turn on the device
  5. It will start providing Jio 4G Internet service.
  6. Use your Windows Phone’s WiFi and connect it to the router
  7. That’s it; Now you are using Jio 4G in a 3G Windows Phone!

Alternatively, you can buy an Android phone and root it to use the Jio 4G connection.