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Recently we published the news about the existence of Surface Pro 5 and speculated that it may get unveiled this year. Now, digging a bit further, it has also been revealed that there may be something entirely new being planned for the upcoming Xbox, Project Scorpio.

The LinkedIn profile of the man, which contained the news for the Surface Pro 5, also mentioned about a new Motion Design Language for the upcoming Xbox. While we couldn’t understand what it really meant, WindowsCentral has confirmed that it is definitely about a new design language for the Project Scorpio.

There is talk about an entirely new ‘Motion’ based design language for the Xbox and a shift from the current MDL2, which is also shared by Windows 10 PC and Mobile. The Xbox already has incorporated much of Windows 10’s features like the Universal Windows Store, File Explorer and Compact Overlay Mode.

It looks like Microsoft has been really working hard to fully utilise the 6 Teraflops of computing power the Project Scorpio is supposed to have. It will be a revolutionary console, and people are already starting to board the hype train from now.

It is just a matter of time, before Microsoft raises the curtains from the Project Scorpio at E3 this year.

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