WhatsApp Concept for Windows Phone

WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile updated once again. The developers pushed the app version to 2.17.76. The latest update for WhatsApp Beta comes without any changelog.

The update for WhatsApp Beta mainly focuses on performance improvements and fixes. There are no noticeable changes except some bug fixes and the glitches have been squashed as well. If you find any other noticeable change after installing the update, then do let us know in the comments below.

The new update for WhatsApp Beta App is currently live and if you are interested you can get the update by clicking the below link.

Download WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.

  • M Rankin

    Wow, it still not Windows 10 but really looking like one over time

  • Mr Gray

    The concept images of Whatsapp her are mouth watering.