Facebook today released a new update for its Official Instagram App for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The update has bumped the app to new versionĀ 10.765.1851.0. The update for the app comes without any changelog.

The company has not released any changelog for the update and there are no visible changes and features visible after the latest update. Hence we presume that the update could be a bug fixing and performance improving update for the Windows 10 App.

The update for the App is currently rolling out and is currently available for some users. Please be patient and the update should hit all devices in couple of days.

The update for the App is currently live and you can get it by clicking the below link. Do let us know if you find anything new after the update.

Download Instagram App for Windows 10

  • mrblah

    I got this update earlier… And got another update today… So two updates

  • mrblah

    Also there a download button near the X button when your watching your own stories… On the upper right corner. It downloads your whole stories that been uploaded at the moment…