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WhatsApp Team released a new update for its Beta App for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. The app has been bumped to new version The company has pushed out the new update with some minor changes and fixes.

We can presume that the update is pushed out by the Team to fix some bugs and improve the Performance of the App for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. The Team is currently working very hard to optimize the app with improved loading time for Windows 10 Mobile.

The update for the Beta App is currently live and you can get it by clicking the below link. Do let us know if you spot anything new after the update.

Download WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone

  • Pedro Weekes

    Oh wow that makes the WhatsApp on mobile soooo much better especially Windows OS.

    • AMRooke

      Major update or not, at least WhatsApp is keeping up the updates on our Windows phones at the same pace as with the other mobile OS platforms (far better than Microsoft itself).

  • rjp

    Ah finally, someone taking the platform seriously. It seems like even Microsoft doesn’t take the platform seriously these days, pulling Minecraft from its phones. I love many things about my windows phone, but I have to admit the lack of certain key apps on the store sometimes frustrates me (i.e. Voxer, Mint, etc. etc.). In fact it concerned me so much I started a petition to urge Microsoft to give us a decent personal finance app. . I fear for Microsoft and all of us who want a 3rd option to the iOS and Android masses, if Microsoft doesn’t figure out a way to succeed in mobile. At least for now… way to go WhatApp! At least you care!