Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

Microsoft has released a new build for Windows 10 PC insiders on the fast ring today. The build includes a new ‘picture in picture’ mode and some more new features. The new picture-in-picture mode is basically an overlay feature which will allow Universal apps to cast an overlay over other apps in Windows 10.

This is dubbed as compact overlay by Microsoft. Also included in this build is a new feature called Windows Goodbye. This feature will allow your PC to lock itself when you step away from it. This ‘Dynamic Locking’ will be achieved by pairing your phone with the PC via Bluetooth. A neat feature seriously. The other new feature included is the redesign of the share icon, another welcome and interesting change and added games in for the game mode.

Overall this build is an exciting one. Not only does it include new features, but also has a bevy of fixes that will please most insiders. The build is live, and you should definitely give it a try.