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Microsoft has become pretty serious in terms of getting new apps on the Windows Store. New projects to bridge apps were released for developers to port their apps to the Windows Store as universal apps. Project Islandwood, Centennial and West Minister were made public for this reason.

It now seems that Microsoft is going to take a step further by providing the full desktop Office Suite of apps on the Windows Store. First spotted last year, Microsoft was using Project Centennial to port the Win32 apps to the store. Now MSPU has found out that the Office suite is indeed arriving on the Windows Store during the release of the Creators Update.

This move will really be a boost to the Windows Store, as apps downloaded from the store has a greater edge than the apps installed normally. Also the rumoured Windows 10 Cloud will only allow apps from the store, so it’s natural that Microsoft will make sure the best of it is available on the store.

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