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Vivaldi today released a new update to its Vivaldi Browser for Windows 10. The update pushed the Browser to new version 1.7. The update comes with some new features along with fixes and performance improvements. Below is the full changelog of the new features:

Changelog for version 1.7:

  • New built-in screenshot feature which lets you take screenshots of web pages right from the browser.
  • New screenshot feature integrates with Vivaldi’s Notes feature which will allow you to take screenshots of web pages and add them directly to your notes in Vivaldi.
  • Quicker access to favorite pinned tabs and more instant notifications (configurable lazy loading).
  • Native macOS notifications.
  • Configurable top-level domain (.com, .jp, .ru, etc.) expansion.
  • Toggle extensions visibility option in the address bar.
  • Extra warnings for HTTP websites that request passwords

The update for the Vivaldi Browser is currently live and if you are interested to enjoy the new features by Vivaldi for its Browser on Windows 10, then you can download it from the below link.

Download Vivaldi Browser for Windows 10