Skype Team has announced today that it is updating the Skype App with seasonal messages for Valentine’s day on its apps. The Skype service gets seasonal messages during Christmas, Valentine’s day every year.

The Skype Team is adding new virtual Valentine messages which basically adds floating hearts over your recorded video. After your Video is recording you will be able to send the Video via Skype or share it across other platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and also Twitter.

Microsoft stated that its is partnering with Rogue Octopus for some new Skype Mojis and emojis specifically for Valentine’s day.

“This year we partnered with Rogue Octopus, an independent agency working with rising artists and labels, to bring you new Mojis inspired by love. Our vision was to treat our Mojis as a gift, something you unwrap. Each Moji follows our two characters through different stages of love and is accompanied by an existing track from one of Rogue Octopus’s talent artists. As they start to roll out today, click on the red heart in the picker to select and send them.”

The new Virtual messages for Valentine’s day are available across Skype on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 and will be available for Windows 10 Mobile very soon. If you are interested you can download for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Desktop and Mac from the below links.

Download Skype for iPhone

Download Skype for iPad

Download Skype for Android

Download Skype for Windows Desktop

Download Skype for Mac