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This weekend Microsoft rolled out a major update to the Windows Insider in the fast ring. The latest update bring lots of new features and improvements and so many enhancement.

One of the notable new features in this major update is the ability to password protect notebooks sections. Basically this feature will allow you to secure specific sections of a notebook with a password. In addition the update also brings 7 new styles for bullet lists in OneNote, which was much-needed given that OneNote on Windows 10 offered only one style for bullet lists in the past. They also improved the ability to re-order notebook lists by dragging and dropping them.

Here’s the official change-log of the update:

  • Password protection: The ability to password protect notebook sections as well as change passwords and unlocking protected sections
  • New page creation control: You can now create a new page below the highlighted page by selecting the command in the context menu (previously, you could only add a new page at the bottom of the page list)
  • Bullet list gallery: Users can now choose from eight bullet styles instead of just the one provided in the past
  • Paragraph handles
  • Drag and drop notebook list reordering
  • Section group renaming
  • Image saving: Images can now be saved from OneNote via the context menu
  • File attachment saving: File attachments can now also be saved from OneNote via a context menu command
  • Shapes gallery: Shapes can now be inserted via the Insert tab while holding Shift while inserting creates a perfect shape
  • Table support: Almost all table features are now included except the options for ‘Hide Borders’ and ‘Header Row’

Let us know in a comment below if you find any other notable new feature. Stay tune to Windows Latest for more update and you can grab the latest updated version of OneNote from here.