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Microsoft today announced that it is updating its Skype App with improved and better performance quality. The company also revealed that in order to have a better and latest experience it will be shutting down the older versions of Skype on Windows and MacOS.


The versions which will not be working from 1st March are 7.16 for Windows which was released in December 2015 and 7.18 version on Mac. To continue using the Skype app on Windows and Mac you would need to have the latest versions higher than 7.16 and 7.18 respectively. The latest version for Skype were released in the month of February by the company.

The closure of these older versions of Skype is likely a part of Skype’s transition to the cloud which has also caused the company to end support for Windows Phone 8/8.1 and Windows RT. The company had earlier confirmed that the service for Windows Phone 8/8.1 and Windows RT will stop working for these platforms in early 2017 but there is no specific timeline which has been given by the company as yet.

We tried to reach the Redmond Giant for the specific Timeline and are awaiting a response from the company. We will be updating this article once we get any info on the specific timeline in regards to the stoppage of service for Windows Phone 8/8.1 and Windows RT.