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As promised, the Bug Bash event has kicked off from today. Windows 10 insiders on PC and Mobile can open the Feedback Hub app on their devices to take part.

The Bug Bash is basically a series of quests(tasks, rather) aimed at dedicated insiders to find out the bugs and discrepancies in Windows 10 insider builds. They are primarily aimed before major feature updates for Windows 10, so that the build pushed out to the general public is free from annoying bugs.

There has been three bug bashes until now, and they helped the Windows team polish a lot of bugs and errors that wouldn’t crop out by a limited testing. The Windows Insider team really appreciates the work done by dedicated insiders to make Windows 10 better, and they get an exclusive badge in their Feedback Hub profiles.

As a sincere Windows Insider, one should definitely take part and help the Windows team to improve the OS and make sure that Windows 10 becomes the most amazing OS ever!

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