Jon von Tetzchner, the founder and CEO of Vivaldi,is not happy with Microsoft depriving Windows 10 users the choice of web browser. In a blog post, Jon refers to Windows 10 upgrade resetting the default browser to Edge and talks about how Microsoft’s anti-competitive practices create problems for users.

The blog post further explains how,when,  every time Windows 10 gets an upgrade, it changes the default browser to Edge. It happens even when a new browser is installed which leads you to restore to Edge as your default browser without giving you an option to use the Newly Installed Browser or the previous Default Browser.

“Jon states that Microsoft is concerned with the low usage of Edge, but instead of building a better browser, Microsoft is forcing its product onto people in the most unapologetic manner.”

On the Other Hand,  it is a fact that Windows Insiders experience the change in its Default Browser more frequently as they upgrade to builds often. However, one would expect the Insiders to be aware and to know how to reset the browser settings, and go about changing it again if they so prefer.

The CEO further asserts that the main goal of the technology companies should be to provide great software to users but also accept the user’s preference software which are created by other companies.

Do you think Microsoft is anti-competitive with its built-in Microsoft apps and services, let us know in the comments below.

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