Movies & TV Universal App has been updated in Windows Store for Windows 10 Devices. The updated version comes with bug fixes and minor improvements. There are no new features available with this release.

Key Features

  • Quickly find, play, and manage your personal video collection (PC and Windows Mobile only)
  • Watch videos in all the latest file formats (PC and Windows Mobile only)
  • Play from your PC to Xbox One (right-click a file and choose Cast to Device)
  • Play the movies and TV shows you rent and buy from the Store
  • Watch your purchases on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows, Windows Mobile, and the web
  • Rental and purchase are available only in regions where Store offers movies and TV. Pictured items may not be available.
  • To see which features are available in your region, click the Movies & TV support link below.

Download Movies & TV for Windows 10.