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Back in February 2016 Microsoft announced new experience. Since then company gradually rolling out new experience to users. And now according to a report from ZDNet, the migration of new experience is 99.9% done.

A Microsoft spokesperson stated, “The migration is nearly complete. Microsoft has migrated over 99.9 percent of active customers and are in the final stages of migrating the remaining customers.”

New experience bring so many new features such as extensions, better skype experience, @ mention and more. New experience isn’t just a simple user-interface upgrade as it also includes improvements to the backend of Outlook. Microsoft already stated that they are rolling out the new experience to millions of users each week. And now the migration of new experience is 99.9% done which means it will only take Microsoft a couple of more weeks until the rollout is complete.

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The software giant had to rollout the new experience to more than 400 million active users which is quite a lot. Rollout of the new experience has been quite a task for Microsoft as the update is pretty huge.

Company was planning to complete the rollout by the Summer of 2016, but the company failed to do so and it was later delayed until the first half of 2017. And now, it seems like Microsoft will finally be done with the rollout of the new in the coming weeks. Did you get the new experience? Let us know in a comment below.

Source: ZDNet

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