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Not so long ago we heard about Game Mode in Windows 10. But today company it self revealing detailed information about Game and what it actually does in Windows 10.

Till that we only know that the Windows 10 Game Mode will prioritize games and allocate your PC’s resources to the games so that you get a slightly better experience while playing games on your Windows 10 PC. In another words when the Game Mode is enabled, a game will be able to use 80% of the cores on your PC while other parts of the system will be able to use 20% of the cores.

Well it completely understandable now that what it does in Windows 10. The Windows 10 Game Mode is not just limited for the Universal Windows Platform but it will also support Win32 games. Well of course not each of Win32 games may get support. In addition, UWP games will also benefit more than Win32 games which isn’t anything surprising to see as Microsoft wants more game developers to build UWP games.

Microsoft’s Kevin Gammill, the Program Manager for Microsoft’s Xbox Platform Partner Group Program explained

“Essentially, with Win32, we know where the game starts, at the .EXE, [but] we really don’t know where the game ends. It could call into system services that we’re not aware of. With UWP, we understand the full bounds the of game. So, there are some cases we think that UWP-based games get slightly more benefit from Game Mode than Win32 games, but no question that both will benefit.”

Windows Insider will get first glimpse of Game mode in Windows 10 by next week. Since they decided that they will roll out an update next week. And Game Mode will be available to all users with Windows 10 Creators Update which is scheduled for April 2017.