Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile
Image Courtesy: Facebook.com

So once in a while we all suffered from ads in various application. And now one of the popular application is joining the saga. Facebook is testing ads for their most popular application Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is a commonly used app and it’s flexible messaging app. So far Messenger support SMS, Voice and Video calling and more. And now company is bringing advertisement to the app.

According reports Facebook is testing card based ads  in Thailand and Australia for a limited number of users. The ads would as similar as those Newsfeed ads which appear on Facebook. And it will be appear below your conversations but above your list of friends in the user interface.

Facebook announced that:

Businesses have long been telling us that they are very excited about the potential of the Messenger platform to reach their customers and help them to drive sales, build brand awareness and increase customer satisfaction. Our current offerings like ads that take people to Messenger conversations from their Facebook News Feed and sponsored messages have demonstrated that people are interested in hearing from and interacting with business and brands on Messenger. In fact, people are already regularly messaging businesses with over 1 billion messages sent between people and businesses on Messenger each month.

However, there is no confirmation about when they will add ads on Facebook Messenger. For time being they are just testing it for the specif region to see how user engage with ads and what will be benefit for the advertisers. For time being Facebook is not even going to expand this rollout. Of course company will also give some power about how ads will display means how user can control what they see and won’t.

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