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Microsoft has released the First Office Insider Preview Build for Insiders in the Fast Ring for iOS. The company two weeks ago had began accepting applications for the Office Insider Program for iOS.

You will be able to install the Office Insider Build for iOS if you have the latest iOS version iOS 10 installed on the Apple operating system.  Below are the known errors since these are Fast Ring builds.

Known Build Errors for Word:
  • To run Office Insider builds, you must have iOS 10 installed on your device.
  • After returning from the background, you can not reopen the document you are working on. To avoid this, look for the document saved in Recent, in the document selector.
  • Adding the Dropbox service does not work in this build.   
  • Comments and tracked changes may not display correctly on the screen.
  • In documents with bulleted lists, the default bullet shape displays as a rectangle instead of a circle.

Below are the issues to Excel:

  • If you type something into the formula bar and then switch to another app, you may lose what you typed. To avoid this, make sure to enter the formula before switching to the other app.
  • If you copy something in Excel, then copy something from another app and paste into Excel, it will paste what you copied in Excel rather than what you copied from the other app.
  • When inserting a chart, the preview images in the chart gallery thumbnails appear to overlap. If you select a thumbnail, the resulting chart will look normal.
  • If you have a file containing a Pivot Table with slicers, the slicers may not appear when you open the file on your iPad or iPhone.

    Here are the known issues for PowerPoint:

  • In presentations with animations, some animations may not display correctly.
  • In presentations with comments, comment markers do not appear as they should.
  • The Apple Watch App is not yet supported.

Since there will be issues with the Fast Ring Build, you don’t want to risk by installing them if its your Primary Phone. However if you would like to test the features then make sure to have the latest iOS version installed on your Phone.