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Yesterday we seen a report that shows that Microsoft registered a new patent for a foldable phone-to-tablet. The new patent shows a device from the phablet category which also supports a flexible hinge.

Patent registered by Microsoft describe that how the device is flexible with the hinge structure. In addition they also showed how the hinge structure secure the plurality of housings to each other. Well, that’s good. There is no offence. But..?

But put all of these thing aside. Well after all the tragedy with Lumia; I mean shutting down the production of hardware and continue to develop the Windows 10 Mobile. Now, think about why Microsoft is still developing Windows 10 Mobile while they stopped a production of hardware. I mean Lumia hold the biggest market in Windows 10 Mobile; However now there are several OEMs. But still. Of course this must be very bold move.

Now here’s couple of things, not so long ago company CEO Satya Nadella gave a mysterious statement in an interview pointing the ‘Ultimate Mobile Device’. Hmm..? Something related to Windows 10 Mobile. And not to mention the Surface Phone. No. But recently we heard some reports/rumors about Microsoft is manufacturing a new device in China. So things are getting more interesting here.

Here it’s worth to mention that the Microsoft recently partnered with the Qualcomm to bring entire Windows 10 experience on the mobile chip. In addition they also demonstrated this last year at WinHEC 2016. Yes, that the ‘Cellular PC’. Using a device for mobile and PC both is the real thing for the cellular PC.

So the bottom line is something big is going on underway hidden deep within the bowels of the company’s Redmond campus. Now you tell us about where this new foldable phone-tablet patent is pointing?