October last year, Twitter announced that it will be shutting down its 6-second video service Vine. The target date of shut down is mid-January and looks like there’s no turning back as the app gets an update today to bid farewell to its users. Windows 10 PC and phone versions will be unsupported starting January 17.

However, Vine will be here to stay and will become Vine Camera. An app that can basically capture a six-second video for Twitter upload. No more, no less. We have yet to hear from Twitter if they will release Vine Camera on Windows.

The notice from the app will also take you to its FAQs.

What is happening to the Vine app?

On January 17 the Vine app will become the Vine Camera. We will notify you through the app before this happens. The Vine Camera will allow you to make 6.5 second looping videos and post them to Twitter, or save them to your camera roll in a logged out state. You will not be able to do any of the other things you can currently do with the Vine app. Once the Vine Camera is live, you will no longer be able to download your Vines from the app.

What is happening to the Vine website?

In January, we will transition the website to an archive of Vines that were created through the Vine app, so you can continue to browse Vines. We’ll do our best to notify you of any changes to the vine.co archive.

Will my videos loop on Twitter?

Yes! When we update the Vine app to be the Vine Camera in January, videos that are under 6.5s will loop – whether you post them from the Vine Camera or upload them directly to Twitter.

What about my followers? Can I transfer them to Twitter?

You can connect your Vine and Twitter accounts so that your followers can find you on Twitter with our new Follow On Twitter feature. (Note that your accounts need to be public, and you must link your accounts in your settings for this to work). We’ll notify you through the app when this feature is available. We hope this will help you grow your audience on Twitter and continue making and sharing videos there!


Can I download my Vines?

Yes, you can download your Vines from the app on iOS and Android or the vine.co website, but only until January 17, when the apps become the Vine Camera. Please download your Vines before that date. (Note: if you post more Vines after you request a download, the new ones will not be included unless you request another download). Here’s how it works on your phone:


Will I be able to download my captions and comments too?

The file of Vines that you download from vine.co will include an index.html file that contains your Vine captions, along with the number of likes, comments and revines. If you download your Vines from the app, you will receive only your video files saved to your camera roll with no captions or additional information.

What if I don’t have enough space on my phone to download my Vines?

The Vine app will tell you how much space you have remaining. If you don’t have enough, you can get an email link with your Vines sent to you or you can use the “Download Your Vines” feature on the vine.co website on a desktop computer.

Can I just get an email with a link to my Vines?

Yes! Click the “Download Your Vines” button on the vine.co website from your desktop computer, or select this option in the mobile app. Once you have requested your Vines an email, with a link to your Vines, will be sent to the email address associated with your account, so please make sure it is correct before you request your Vines. Note that the download link will only be active for 72 hours.

I don’t see that option in my app. What’s up?

Make sure you download the latest version from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).

I requested my archive from vine.co but I haven’t received it yet.

The request may take a while depending on how many Vines you have and how busy our servers are; please be patient! It’s coming. If you’ve waited ten minutes and it’s still not there, check your spam/junk folders for the email. The subject of the email will be “Your exported archive of Vines is ready!” If it’s not there, visit the settings page on vine.co from a desktop computer and click the “Download Your Vines” button. If you’re still having trouble, visit the help center.

I requested my download, but received an error about packaging up my Vines.

Please try again in a few minutes.

What are all the files in the download?

You will receive a folder of mp4 video files, a folder of thumbnail images and an index.html file that can be opened in a web browser to browse your videos. The index.html file in the archive lets you browse all of the downloaded Vine videos in your archive in a web browser. It looks like the Vine website, but it’s just a file on your computer.

Will my #BeyondTheVine longer videos be in this file?

No, #BeyondTheVine was a beta program and these files are not included in your Vine download.

Can I download VMs or my comments?

No, unfortunately VMs and comments are not included in the download.

What will happen to my vine.co vanity url after the change?

Your vanity url will still exist on vine.co and will continue to display your profile page.

More details here.

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