Almost all the browsers we use have more or less the same look and feel. Opera seems to be challenging that with its new ‘concept’ browser Neon.

Opera Neon, is a completely new browser in terms of look and feel. It wants to shake up the traditional browser market with Neon. Some of its eye grabbing features include,

  • The browser uses your desktop wallpaper for the background and has a new speed dial
  • A intuitive physics engine makes you feel, as if the tabs and webpages real things(I really don’t get this one).
  • The omnibox has been redesigned to make it more clutter free and there’s even a built in video player that collects the videos and keeps them as a separate tab.
  • The tabs are snippets of the webpages so you don’t forget what tabs you have opened.
  • Image cropping and gallery features to save those dank memes or cute kitten pictures you randomly come across. What’s more, Opera even saves them automatically to your gallery.
  • A split screen mode(this is super cool) and a pop out video player.

Overall the browser offers a breath of fresh air and is a nice thing to play around. Give it a try here and tell us what you feel.

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Pallav Chakraborty

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