Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

Microsoft with the latest Windows 10 Build 15002 released  a lot of new features for Windows 10 PC and Tablets. Apart from the Settings App, Windows Defender App, Cortana and many more, the company has also released a new feature called “Dynamic Lock” with the new Windows 10 Build.

Dynamic Lock basically aims at locking your PC when you are away from your for additional security. Dynamic Lock appears just above the Windows Hello options which suggests that the option could use a Windows 10 device’s camera to visually confirm a user’s presence.  Internal reports confirm that the feature is being referred to internally at Microsoft as “Windows Goodbye” which further suggests a camera connection.

This feature will be beneficial for Enterprise customers who generally have sensitive data stored on their PC’s since they frequently step away from their PC’s. Currently we are not sure as to how the company plans to determine if you are no longer present in front of your PC.

This feature is present at the Sign in options section of the Settings page and is described as Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device.” It’s pretty safe to say that Dynamic Lock won’t lock your PC immediately after you’ve stepped away, so it shouldn’t become an annoyance if you’re someone who is constantly stepping back and forth from their device.