Have you ever wanted to use Windows (OS) on your Fridge? I guess not. With Windows 10 Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 to huge range of devices. Let it be Desktop, Laptop, Phone, Xbox or IOT or maybe speakers like alexa.

At IFA in Berlin LG showed on a Smart Instaview fridge with a 21.5 inch tablet in a fridge door running full Windows 10. While the same Fridge was shown in CES 2017 but it was running on WebOS.

However, Gidmodo stated that the Windows 10 version of the smart fridge is still here and here to stay. LG is working on fixing the bugs before launching the fridge later this year.

LG has also promised the ability to simply knock on the display to quickly access screens and apps that you might often use. According to Gizmodo, the ones programmed into the samples at the CES booth popped up the weather—on the rare occasion they could work.

Whats interesting is that the screen gets translucent if you want to peep inside while trying to steal that piece of cake. It’s probably from LG’s translucent display prototype.


You can see this weird new Smart Fridge working on the above video. The piece of art might cost over $4000 so not a lot of people can bring it inside their kitchen.