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At the CES conference, Nissan teased the functionality of Cortana. Nissan is going to be the first company to make use of the Microsoft’s personal Assistant Cortana using Azure Cloud Technologies to make driving more connected, productive and better.

Nissan during the keynote announced that Cortana is going to be directly built into Nissan’s compatible vehicles using “Intelligent Mobility Technology” and it seems that the Personal Assistant will be working on similar lines to how it works on Windows 10 PCs and Windows 10 Mobile Devices. The normal Cortana functionality is to move around things in the schedule along with queuing up music, but Nissan says it is like to do a lot more.

The Cortana functionality, Nissan says is going to enable its users to have lot more control over navigation and car upkeep. For example if the car is to be serviced Cortana will tell you and will automatically schedule an appointment with the service centre. Another Functionality Nissan says is you will be able to modify the route just by speaking few words to Cortana without fiddling around your phone while driving.

Nissan has also announced Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM) technology which provides a solution for unexpected obstructions on the road and features the same “Human in the Loop” technology which is used by NASA to keep an eye on its interplanetary rovers. Basically SAM, Nissan says is focused around creating safe environment for drivers who don’t want to dedicate driving to an automated car.