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Microsoft has been working hard on improving its Photos App for Windows 10 PCs and Windows 10 Mobile. The company with the new Creators Update is planning to bring some refinements to the Photos App on Windows 10 PCs which ultimately will be pushed out to Windows 10 Mobile.

Below are some of the new features with the Creators Update Photos App for Windows 10:

  • Refinement.

    In the Photos App there are some small and subtle improvements that offer some polish that Microsoft’s first-party apps for Windows 10 need. The updated Photos app now has a refined typeface at the top as well as hover and zoom animations. When users hover over a photo or image, there is a subtle zooming of that illuminates the capture. When selecting an image, there is also an accompanying zoom animation that brings it to the forefront or renders it back in the collection.

  • Editing options

    The Windows team has completely revamped the editing options for the Photos app. The original Windows 10 radial dials that range from 0 to 100, have now been replaced by horizontal sliders. While the radial dialers were touch friendly when in tablet mode, the updated sliders are just that more touch-friendly. The Windows team has also streamlined the editing process by putting an Auto Enhance options at the top which enables a one-button correction to any image. The Auto Enhance maintains the same uninformed horizontal slider as the other editing options. Users can slide across the Auto Enhance option to lighten, darken, soften, crisper, and temper the image.

    Users who would like to test out the photo editing eye, the Photos app allows for saving an unadulterated version of an image. There is also an undo option that allows users to change and unchanging edits on the fly.

These are some of the changes that Microsoft has provided with the Creators Update to the Photos App for Windows 10 PCs. Some of these changes have already made it to the Windows 10 Mobile but are yet to be released to the public. Hopefully the company will be releasing the new features to the general public after successful testing and positive feedback from Insiders.

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