Steam’s latest hardware report confirms that Windows 10 is finally being used by more than half of all Steam Gamers,  17 months after its official launch.  Windows 10 is being used by 50.35% of Steam gamers out of which 49.10% users are utilizing 64 bit version of the OS and 1.25% are using the 32 bit version which is a slight increase of 0.75% compared to last month.

All other version of Windows OS are being used by 95.20% of all Steam Gamers which is a increase of 0.20% compared to previous month. In the terms of Hardware 8GB RAM has maintained its position as the most used by Steam gamers and Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 remains the most popular graphics card.

Even though the free upgrade offer for Windows 10 has expired the OS still continues to capture the user base at a very good and impressive rate. The report comes as encouraging news for Microsoft which is looking to expand its user base even further by working on launching the Game Mode in Future Windows 10 Creators Update.