With Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is going to integrate Payment Request API into Microsoft edge.  While the feature is already available on Windows 10 Build 14986 for PC but is not available for Windows 10 Mobile.

Folks at MSPowerUser managed to get a sneak peek at how the feature will look and work on Windows 10 Mobile as well.

According to them, if websites use the web payment API then it will make transaction easier and safer. When you buy something from a website that supports the Payment Request API, you will be taken to Microsoft Wallet where you will need to login to your Microsoft Account and setup Wallet. Once setup, Microsoft Edge will automatically log you in the next time you try to buy something on a website that supports the Payment Request API. On using this you wont have to add credit/debit cards details to multiple sites multiple time. You can just set it up once and do seamless transaction without interference.

For now ,the Payment Request API is a new API which is yet to be supported by major browsers on both desktops and mobile devices. Along with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome is the only browser that supports the Payment Request API on PCs and Android devices. Other popular browsers like Opera, Mozilla, Apple’s Safari yet to use this new API. Maybe in few years the feature would be used more as more browsers will start using this API.