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For the last two years, Microsoft has improved their Edge browser by adding more features while making more battery friendly. Major extension like uBlock Origin made its way to the browser. Few months back they published a Youtube video where they compared chrome browser on battery usage.

However, Microsoft may have inadvertently kicked off ‘Browser Wars’ on Twitter after making a false claim in order to promote its Edge browser.

But what the official @MicrosoftEdge Twitter handle forgot is that Opera and Vivaldi, both the browser has those features for some time now. Thus both of the browser’s twitter handle replied with sarcasm.

It’s not the first time for Edge to clash with its competitor. A few months ago, Opera and Microsoft clashed when conducting tests to see that which browser offered the best battery life. Ultimately its on users, which browser is better. So tell us what do you think about this so-called ” Browser Wars ” and which one do you use regularly.