While the year 2017 almost here, if you are looking to indulge yourself in some events from 2016 . Then all you need to do is get your Windows 10 device out and ask cortana, “Let’s Chat about 2016.”

According to onMSFT , asking Cortana “Let’s chat about 2016” will lead the digital assistant to talk about some key events from the year. Some of the responses are –

  • The Rio Summer Games were exciting, did you watch any of it?
  • Batman vs Superman had the biggest worldwide opening weekend ever for a superhero film with $422.5 million. Did you see it?
  • It was a big year for fans of superhero movies. Batman, Superman, X-Men, and Captain America all appeared on the big screen.
  • The whole world paid close attention to the summer games. Usaine Bolt, Michael Phelps, and Simone Biles all had memorable performances.

The feature seems to be working for US region Cortana users and its also noticed that in some replies cortana tried to make conversation by asking another question related to the events. Previously, when someone said ” Hola” to cortana then she would greet back asking if the speaker knows any language other than Spanish.  Try and let us know, if you find anymore experiences like these.