When your Windows-based computer crashes then a Blue Screen Of Death aka BSOD appears. It shows information on what crashed your machine. While it’s here for years now but the color is going to change to green for insiders from next year.

Recently, someone leaked an internal Windows 10 build . While people found lots of changes and new features but according to Matthijis Hoekstra, a Microsoft employee, people were not able to find a “big change” in that build.

People focused and started guessing what that new feature can be. Then Matthijis hinted “Green!”. And it did not take much time for the big change to be unveiled. Microsoft enthusiast Chris123NT found out the new change fairly quickly.

Later, Hoekstra cleared that Microsoft is making the BSOD green on Windows 10 Insider Preview releases so that it becomes easier to distinguish between Production and Insider releases. So in future, if you are using an insider builds then in place of BSOD, a GSOD will appear. This change was made to help providing customers better support as it is going to be easier to understand whether the user is running an insider release or a production build thanks to the color code.


  • the upgrade for people with a disability is very much needed for windows to cancel this is wrong the full cost of a build for people like me and many others is beyond ie way to costly so a lot of people will cross to linux Microsoft must re think this