Telegram in a posting on Twitter has confirmed that it is blocking around 2000 ISIS related channels per month. The messenger service has had rough few years as it has been receiving negative press coverage since the platform is being used by the ISIS members to carry its works.

The messenger service confirmed that over 60 ISIS related channels are blocked each day. The channel has been on the receiving end by taking a lot of slack from the media on not taking any action on the usage of its messenger service by ISIS.

In the past few months it has shut down:

  • September – 1987 ISIS bots and channels
  • October – 1800 ISIS bots and channels
  • November – 2094 ISIS bots and channels
  • December – 2118 ISIS bots and channels (and counting)

Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, and founder of the Russian Facebook, VK, said:

“Some media claimed Telegram did little or nothing to stop ISIS from using its platform. Nothing can be further from the truth.” 

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