Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

If you have used Windows 10 for sometime then you have already noticed that you can not normally stop downloading and installing of updates automatically. While Windows 10 is free and its update are for better functioning of the devices but sometimes they break stuffs. Like Anniversary Update broke millions of web-cam around the world. But that’s going to change with upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update.

Recently an internal build was leaked. One of the many feature it has is that Microsoft added an option to pause updates on Windows Update which, as the name implies, will simply pause the updates from being installed — for up to 35 days. While you can not stop the machine from downloading the updates but you can prevent it from installing the updates for a month which is more than enough. However security updates for Windows Defender will continue to be installed automatically which isn’t really an issue as these updates won’t affect the stability of the OS.

Even though the build is not yet available to insiders but we are guessing that Microsoft will make it available to insiders in January 2017 and normal users would have to wait for the Creators Update arriving around march next year..