Nokia has already announced that they are going to launch new phones in 2017. While neither Nokia nor HMD declared the specification of the phones but we had seen lots of leaks recently. However most of them had been fake just like the C1 leak. But as it gets closer to MWC 2017 where HMD is going to announce the new phones, we started to see more prominent leaks.

Yesterday, a well-known source who leaked about Nokia and Microsoft before has posted sketched images of Nokia D1 and Nokia E1 in Baidu which you will find them like earlier leaks. If you have own or used old Nokia lumia like Nokia Lumia 920 then you can guess where Nokia is heading with the design.

While we are sure that the phones will run on Android, we can’t say for sure if there will be a Windows 10 Mobile variant or not. But from the leaks we can assume that Nokia and HMD both gonna follow the iconic design language of Nokia Lumia series.  Keep on reading us for further information.

Do our readers think that Nokia can make a come back in the smart phone industry with the help of android and HMD. Let us know.

  • nokia will not have anymore my money

    • Mayank Parmar

      Yep same here. I will go for Android only if Nokia phones have great deisgn or unique features. But if we go through leaks, it is just another smartphone with better processor, more RAM, same design. Nothing new.

      • nokia will not have anymore my money whatever it does
        i can just evaluate them with WM phones