For a user OOBE or ” The Out Off Box Experience ” of a product they bought is essential . It provides them with an outlook on the worthiness of the product for them. While the OOBE of Windows 10 is mostly mouse and keyboard based with brief mention of Cortana and Windows 10’s voice control capability but things are going to change soon.

According to guys at Windows Central, In the new internal builds of Windows 10 , the set-up experience is getting changed to show users what Cortana is capable of. The new experience will be guided by Cortana to new Windows 10 users and old users who will be installing the next version of Windows. This will make new users more familiar with Windows 10 and its powerful Voice Assistant’s capabilities.

While the set-up is going to be Voice Commands based by default considering that you have mic but everything would work just fine if you want to use your mouse and keyboard instead. Apart from these few screenshots we don’t know much about what other changes coming soon. However we can guess that its going to ask for your name, Microsoft account, date, time , region , ascent color and other basic stuffs which are already there.

Insider Builds are now paused till the next year which is five days from today. We hope to see the new OOBE in the future insider builds shortly after the new year.