Tado has updated their UWP App for Windows Phone to new version 3.5.4. The app now helps you install your Smart Radiator Thermostat with improved support for multiple smart thermostats.

The app now guides you through the process of installing and registering a Smart Radiator Thermostat.  Below is the changelog:

Install your Smart Radiator Thermostats with the App.

Features of the Tado UWP:

The tado° app connects to your tado° Smart Thermostat and your tado° Smart AC Control to control your heating system or air conditioning based on your location. tado° pre-heats or pre-cools before you get home and saves when you leave. The app always shows the current state at home, such as temperature or humidity. Check and adjust settings from anywhere.

The update is currently live and you can get it by clicking the below link.

Download TADO App for Windows 10