Gameloft’s World at Arms – Wage war for your nation got a new update for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices. The game has been updated to version

World at Arms – Wage war for your nation! Changelog:

Get ready for Faction Wars 2.0 in Update 24 for World at Arms! Gather allies from all around the globe—as you’ll need many of them to achieve victory.

– FACTION WARS 2.0: From now on, Faction Wars will be built around teamwork and endurance, instead of base-rushing.

– TOWER REBALANCE: The power of Faction Turrets has been dramatically increased.

– BREACH-UNIT STATS REVISED: Take advantage of units specialized against each type of tower (Grenade, Pistol, Knife and Specialist).

– DONATION CAP & PRICES REVISED: You will now be able to donate up to 17 units. Units that are more powerful will provide significantly more donation points to your Faction pool.

– FACTION POWER-UPS REVISED. Their price was reduced and stats were increased.

– FACTION WAR REWARDS INCREASED: As Base Breach becomes significantly longer, Faction efforts will also be rewarded accordingly.

– ROBOTS’ POWER REVISED: Atlas and Prometheus now draw their power only from units deployed with them into battle.

– MAJOR ECONOMY REVISION: Unit prices reduced. When a unit’s Recovery reaches 0, it is destroyed.

Download World at Arms for Windows 10.

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