Coship Moly X. (Image Courtesy: Moly).

Coship, who makes Windows 10 phones under their Moly brand had planned for another phone which was to be sourced from IndieGoGo funding. The phone was supposed to be out this year but the future seems to be gloomy for Coship.

Their IndieGoGo campaign has come to an abrupt end, raising only $2,569 of the goal of $100,000. This is not quite surprising as Coship is more of an ODM than an OEM and again they are not a worldwide known name. Whatever may be the reason, the new Coship Moly is not coming anytime soon now.

The ever falling sales of Windows Phones and loss of new OEM initiatives, makes campaigns like this failing no surprise. However, Microsoft will have some sort of announcement in the upcoming MWC 2017, and that may(or not) change the picture.