What? No. No? No. Alright simmer down. As we all know that the Microsoft shut down the Lumia production and some markets are already run out of stock in UK, Germany and there is no word on where it will be back (of course never).

However Microsoft decided to continue to development of the Windows 10 Mobile. And more and more new features are coming in soon. But why would they do that? I mean in one hand they shut down the hardware production and in another they continue to develop it. Well, there are some OEMs. Right, but that’s not enough. They must have some big plan for it right?

Yeah. Here it goes. Microsoft is going to attend the World’s biggest mobile phone trade show. Yep that Mobile World Congress 2017 held in Mobile World Capital Barcelona on 27 February to 2 March 2017. Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the GSMA.

The news is via a single purpose website, msmwcmeetings.com, company set up only 10 days ago to arrange meetups with other industry players. Well, you might notice that this is the time window where they are planning to roll out the Windows 10 Creators Update. So, it is possible that Microsoft could demonstrate the upcoming concept of Windows Smartphone at MWC 2017.

Couple of weeks ago we heard about that Microsoft is making new smartphone in China factory; if it’s true then we might see the first glimpse of it at there. Recently Microsoft bring Windows 10 ARM, we could see the full Windows 10 running on Snapdragon 830/835 chipset. Or maybe Microsoft will finally reveal the deceptive Surface Phone. (Nope!) However there are lots of possibilities.

However at this moment there is nothing to say. All we know is that Microsoft no longer selling any phones, but company is not quite finished with the phone business.

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