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Slack messaging app has released a new update to its Windows and Mac Devices. The company has introduced Video Calls Support with the latest update for users on Windows and Mac. Earlier the company had introduced Voice calls on Windows,Mac and Mobile devices. The Slack users can now also make Video Calls along with the Voice Calls.

With the Video call feature users can make group video calls with 15 users and at the same time make direct video call between two members of the team. Below is more detailed description for Video Calling on Slack.

Video calling also includes the calls emoji response feature, so without having to unmute, you can use an emoji to ask a question, or to thank people for a job well done. These reactions, along with a few others, will display briefly over your video and play a subtle sound.

The Video calls feature is currently rolling out and should be available to all Windows and Mac users sooner than later. To Download Slack for Windows click on this link.