Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella yesterday had a meeting with the company’s Shareholders. The Shareholder’s had put across some tough questions to the CEO in regards to his strategy on Mobile devices.

The CEO was asked to explain the future of Windows Phone and why the Microsoft’s Apps are more feature rich on iOS and Android than that on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.

Below is what the CEO had to answer to the Shareholders which he has already said in his earlier interviews which sounded reassuring.

Nadella answered, “We think about mobility broadly. In other words, we think about the mobility of the human being across all of the devices, not just the mobility of a single device.”HP Elite x3

“That said, we’re not stepping away or back from our focus on our mobile devices,” Nadella said. “What we are going to do is focus that effort on places where we have differentiation. If you take Windows Phone, where we are differentiated on Windows Phone is on manageability. It’s security, it’s Continuum capability — that is, the ability to have a phone that can act like a PC. So we’re going to double-down on those points of differentiation.”

He cited the HP Elite x3 device as an example of a Windows 10 phone that follows this strategy.

“We will keep looking at different forms and different functions that we can bring to mobile devices, while also supporting our software across a variety of devices,” Nadella said. “So that’s the approach you will see us take. We are not stepping away from supporting our Windows Phone users. But at the same time we are recognizing that there are other platforms in mobile that have higher share, and we want to make sure that our software is available to them.”

Going by the answer and assurance the CEO has given to its Shareholders, with the much rumored Surface Phone we hope the company comes up with something which would be giving tough competition to its competitors.

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