Groove Music
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Microsoft is currently offering a great deal for people who like to enjoy listening to music on Groove. You will be able to get one free 30 day trial plus a promo code if you sign up now for a Groove Music Subscription.

The company has also said that this offer is only for NEW customers only who sign up for the first time. The customers who already have signed up for Groove Music Trial, Zune, XBox are not eligible for this offer.

Groove Music Subscription:

  • Huge music catalog + tons of playlists on Windows 10 & Xbox
  • Ad-free listening, online or off, on all your favorite devices
  • Background Music for Xbox One
  • Playlists, artist radio, and access to your own tracks on OneDrive

Groove Music is free and you get to listen to music on all your favorite devices be it Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox, Web, SONOS.

This offer ends on 31st Dec 2016. The Customers who are eligible for this offer will not be billed for the first month.

Download Groove Music for Windows 10