Build 2016 Event

Here’s something new. If you take a look at sharing menu features in both Windows 10 Desktop and Mobile that are just leftovers. But now new improvements are coming in it.

Actually this sharing menu first introduced with the windows ancestor Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and inherited in the successor Windows 10. But with the rise of Windows 10 and Windows app with UWP this feature results in a lot of issues. Sometimes they are not working like they should or not displaying at all. But company is aware of the issue and, there are improvements incoming in it. Peter Skillman designer at Microsoft reveals in a tweet.

There may be some significant changes in how Windows 10 handles sharing in the coming soon. As Peter mentioned “on it!” means they are actually working on it and maybe we will see something new in upcoming builds.

We have see a lot of small fixes and improvements in previous Windows 10 Insider builds and now its time for big one. Of course this will be the part of the next Windows 10 Redstone 2 aka the Creators Update which is expected to hit early next year.