Change system icons in Windows 10 Mobile

You can change your system icons in Windows 10 Mobile with a new trick. If you are bored with the default system icons in action center or the battery icon, you can easily change icons by hacking registry file in Windows 10 Mobile. However, it could brick your phone if you end up doing wrong edits in registry file.

Steps to change system icons in Windows 10 Mobile

  1. Connect your Windows 10 Mobile to your PC using USB cab
  2. In phone’s storage, create a folder “Windows” and create another folder ”fonts” inside Windows folder. Create folders only if it is not available already
  3. Download this file and copy-paste the file in fonts folder.
  4. Disconnect your phone.
  5. Download Interlop tool from here.
  6. Now unlock your phone using Interlop tool.
  7. Using registry browser, browse to HKLM registry folder.
  8. Now in HKLM folder, open SOFTWARE and now open MICROSOFT folder.
  9. Open Windows NT and now open Current Version
  10. Open fonts and click on Segoe MDL2 Assets
  11. Edit the “Segoe MDL2 Assets” registry and change
  12. Change to foldername \ namafont.ttf
  13. All Done!
  14. Now restart the phone, you will see different icons!
  15. If you want to try more icons, download Font segmdl24.ttf or Font segmdl27.ttf, and replace the file with the one you downloaded earlier (refer step 3).
  16. Enjoy!

Are you liking the new icons? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Levan Zazadze

    is there any video tutorial?

    • Mayank Parmar

      No. As the guide is too long tbh. Hence, noboy is willing to do a video tutorial :P

      • Hi, CEO! Do you read WinCamp also? I recently have read this article and I see a text “WinCamp” at the bottom

        • Mayank Parmar

          Actually before I started writing the article I googled to confirm whether any website had done the article already. I thought its better to give them a via or else they will complain.

  • Ayan Ali

    Hi, i stuck on step number 12( which folder i have to change to namafont.ttf) and on 11th step when clicking on MDL2 i can only change registery value.

  • Ajy Ambaliya

    11) Edit the “Segoe MDL2 Assets” registry and change
    12) Change to foldername namafont.ttf?????????

    what have to do in step 12