Facebook Messenger screenshot
Facebook Messenger screenshot

Facebook is working on introducing Ads in its Messenger App for users. The company introducing Ads in Messenger which will allow users to Chat with the Brands.

The company has announced that you will be able to receive ads as messages but only if you have contacted them before.The company is also providing you with the option to control the messages you receive as it may sound like spam if you receive too many ads messages.

You will be able to delete a message or block the sender – you know, which is totally different from email spam.

Facebook is also introducing ads in the News Feed timeline, where users can directly talk to the brand that’s doing the advertising. The social network hopes this will drive interaction and retention with advertising content.

The new ads will give Facebook a new revenue stream, just as the company had been warning that the news feed was already saturated with ads, and revenue would stagnate over the following quarters.

As described by Joao Rozario, VP Marketing, Absolut Vodka, the option will help the Brand companies to drive the consumers from content, chats to commerce.

“Using News Feed ads to open conversations in Messenger allows Absolut to move beyond the call to action – it’s a call to conversation, which ultimately leads to a conversion. It’s a novel way to use Facebook ads to drive consumers from content to commerce. So far, our activation rate has exceeded execution benchmarks by 2x and we’re looking forward to continued increases in activations driven by News Feed ads over the key holiday period” 

Currently we don’t have any confirmation as to whether this features is available for iOS and Android.We will update this article once we have anymore information on the availability of the new feature to all platforms.

Do let us know , what do you think about the new feature which Facebook is planning to introduce for its Official Messenger App.