Microsoft’s lumia is really amazing device to have but microsoft failed to cope some parts where other successful smartphones were strong. The reason are as follow –

1. Complicated UI

Many people say that they do not understand what lumia is and how to operate it when they are asked that why don’t they switch or get a Lumia. But in fact, Windows Phone Operating System has the best UI ,according to me. But somewhat it is complicated as well.

Nevertheless, Lumia itself standout from other phone due to it’s uniqueness. If there were apps like on Apple App Store and the OS worked without hangs for buggyness then I’m sure this devices were hit, leaving iPhone far behind.


2. Apps

Windows Store has been struggling since it’s release and up until now, it hasn’t yet even coped partially to Apple App Store. This is the main reason people do not consider getting a Lumia Device. Even the major updates come approximately after 1-2 months. The most grossing games like Clash Of Clans or any Supercell game isn’t available on the Store.

Microsoft last year announced latest Visual Studio, giving developers the ability to bridge iOS or Android Applications on Windows which’ll increase the number of apps on Windows Store. Brilliant, isn’t it?



3. Hardware 

Blue, Cyan, Orange, Yellow(fluorescent), Green and Black. these are the colors offered by Lumia Devices but a businessmen or other non-funky people will surely say – ‘ Those are for teens’ and they’ll choose Android or iPhone. The only Lumia which stands out is 650 having metal body and it’s specific slogan says – For People with business. Pretty late acknowledged, Microsoft.


4. Less Lumias Released 

Microsoft focuses more in content and not the title like what Apple does more – Versatility and Standard.

Microsoft, after purchasing Nokia, released few Lumias and that made customers bound in to choose only from those Lumias – 535, 550, 640 and Xl, 650, 950 and 950 XL. In 2 years, pretty less as compared to what Samsung does.

5. Brand 

Who will get a phone of that company which just came into mobile business and still is struggling? People like to choose more trusty brand like Samsung or Apple. No, don’t get me wrong, Microsoft is really an amazing brand, it’s the company who developed Windows and is ruling computer word, but it’s ruling computer world and not mobile.


950 XL having a high price tag, should never make you sad due to it’s performance but there are some cases where 950 XL started hanging right after unboxing it. Not Good.

so, These are the major reasons for Lumia’s Failure. Let’s hope Surface Phone might do something amazing and change Microsoft’s fate.